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Friday, October 1, 2010

My Sister's Wedding....A little late

I know im a little late on my post and im still playing catch for for the last year so some of them might not be in order but i guess its better late than never and keeping a blog is a lot easier than a journel i think. I just wish i hadnt let it go for a year but i have been super busy this last year.
My beautiful sister got married on July 23rd, 2010 in the Salt Lake City Temple. What a beautiful place. She made a very pretty bride. My pictures of course aren't in order.
After the wedding we went the Maddox Lodge for the Luncheon. Oh so yummy i love that place.

Oh silly Cameron. This is very typical of him. Can hardly get any decent pictures cuz hes always the one that has to pull some sort of a face.

Cameron being silly again.

The twins checking out the water.

I think they were a little bored but believe it or not they were actually pretty good.

My beautiful sister and older brother Matt.

My sister and Me. Love her to pieces. She's always been there for me and i can talk to her about anything. Even though im 11 years older she has always given me good advice when i need to vent. Love you Bex.

Patrick and Becky with my sweet grandparents. Arent they just cute.

The happy couple. Love you both and welcome to the family Patrick.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Catch Up...

Ok i know its been a long time since ive blogged and i actually missed it and would like to get back into it. Im gonna go back as far as i can remember.

We moved into our beautiful home back in December of 09. Unfortunately i am still in boxes in a couple of the rooms. I know sad huh. Between working sooo much, kids, and my back problems ive had a hard time gettin around to it but now that i finally cut my hours back at dennys to 1 night a week im hoping to get around to it. My goal is to finally get more organized..

I cant remember a whole lot about spring other than being in constant pain with my back. I feel like i have really been held back from being the wife, mother, and housekeeper i wanna be.

Summer we didnt do a whole lot between me working at the Walmart Distribution Center on weekends and at Dennys on tues, wed, and thurs. Kids still seemed to have fun. We still tried to squeeze a couple swimming trips in and a trip to the fun park and of course the boys loved coming up to Dennys to eat especially if i was working.

Ive got so much more catch up to do so heres a post for now but hopefully now that ive cut my hours back at dennys i can have the rest up within the week. Bye for now.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Update coming soon.... Hopefully

I know its been forever since i last updated. A year to be exact but now maybe that the boys are all in school full time i might find sometime to update. I have been working 2 jobs for the last few months and trying to run a household ive been BUSY. Anyway i feel like i have to relearn everything with my blog so when i get more time ill update SOON.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Boys first day of school .... August 31st

I am such a slacker but i had a minute while im waiting for the boys to come home so i thought i would hurry and get some pics posted of there first day of school.. The boys absolutely LOVE School. Jason is in the 2nd grade and has Mrs. Hugie, Carson and Cameron are both in kindergarten. I cant believe my babies are already that old. Carson has Carolyn Michalis and Cameron has Missy Michalis. All WONDERFUL teachers. I couldnt have asked for better. This will be a good year and yes i chose to have my twins separated. They will do so much better and the teachers will thank me for it later. Johnny getting everything ready for the boys the night before. I had a horrible migraine that night so he just took over and laid everything out and got everything labeled. He is the BEST.
Jason, Cameron, and Carson


This is so typical for Cameron to pull faces everytime i take a pic of him


Jason and Cameron

The twins

The boys eating breakfast at school. They love it!!!

Carson with some of his classmates

Cameron with a friend

Jason in his class

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lagoon August 21, 2009

This summer has just been so busy between work and kids that we really weren't planning on doing anything this summer but then my work had discount tickets to Lagoon and we thought why not take advantage of it. We thought it would be really fun to surprise the kids so for 2 weeks we kept it a secret I cant believe it. Johnnys cousin lives in Farmington so we just told the kids we were gonna go spend the day with them, which we really were they just didnt know where so when we pulled into Lagoon they were way surprised. Everyone had a good time. I think my husband was a little bummed though this year because i wouldnt go on any scary rides this year. I dont know what happened but im just not as brave as i used to be. Sorry babe. Carson on the train

Jason and Carson on the train
Skylie, Jason, and Kaylie

The twins having a good time

Cameron and Ryker


Kaylie, Jason, and Skylie


My hot sexy husband and me. Love ya babe

Johnnys cousin Maureen and my sexy husband

Carson, Ryker, and Cameron

Maureen, and Jason

The kids playing in the water

Having a blast

My cute nephews and niece

On August 19th My husband and i had our first visit with my nephews and niece since they were put in foster care 2 months ago. Oh how we have missed these kids. They are so precious and have been put thru so much in there short little lives. My husband and i are currently getting are home ready to be foster parents to Konnor, Xander, and Kaycee. If all goes well with the home study which is next week we could have these kids by the end of sept.